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At Waypoint Financial, we draw inspiration from the meaning of the words ‘value’ and ‘worth.’ 

Our established client base has enjoyed our honest approach to considering their well being as part of their wealth.

We understand it’s not just the dollar figure at the end of the day, but the journey that takes you there.

Our passion is to serve to protect your existing and future wealth, with a supportive team who has your needs at heart, instead of ours.

We like to think that the the fact we can add  'value' and 'worth' to your current and future financial position and our personalised service are the reasons clients remain loyal to Waypoint Financial.

Maybe it’s more than that. All we can say is, come in and judge for yourself.

Harry Kalaitzoglou 


Principal Financial Advisor

Under the guidance of founder Harry Kalaitzoglou, Waypoint Financial was born in 2011. Harry has had over 8 years experience as a Financial Advisor and over 15 years experience in the financial services industry. He is passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their financial objectives and lifestyle goals. Harry enjoys seeing his clients gain the confidence to make informed decisions so they can get on with enjoying the things that matter most to them. 





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